AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Starter Kit - AllaQuix™ - Stop Bleeding Quick Like the Pros!
AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Starter Kit - AllaQuix™ - Stop Bleeding Quick Like the Pros!

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AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Starter Kit

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  • The quickest way to stop bleeding
  • Everything you need to stop bleeding quick like the pros contains 1 allaquix professional-grade stop bleeding pad (1" square pads)
  • FDA reviewed and cleared no prescription needed professional-grade product now available to everyone
  • For everyone and all ages - including people who have trouble stopping bleeding ideal for people on blood thinners and people with thin skin
  • Easy to take anywhere ideal for OTR truckers, workplace first-aid and industrial first-aid

Contains: 1 AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Pad (1 inch square) 2 Gauze Pads (2"x2") 2 Antiseptic Wipes 2 Cream 1 Roll of Medical Tape 2 Band-Aids in a Reusable Case.

Be prepared for emergencies! AllaQuix is an essential part of every first-aid kit. Take a look in your first-aid and see you do not have anything to actually stop bleeding. There are just regular bandages and gauze pads. Make sure you are prepared. Keep AllaQuix in the Shaving Kit, Toolbox, Tackle Box, Garden Shed.

AllaQuix is a patented, high-tech gauze pad made of chitosan, which has been used and proven by medical professionals and the US Military to stop bleeding fast. AllaQuix is a sterile, topical, active hemostatic, wound dressing designed to stop bleeding fast.

WHAT IS CHITOSAN? Chitosan has been used by the U.S. Military in combat to stop bleeding fast. AllaQuix is designed to work for people who have trouble stopping bleeding, even people with bleeding and clotting disorders and people on blood thinners or anticoagulation therapy!

HOW DOES ALLAQUIX WORK? AllaQuix works independent of the clotting cascade - which means AllaQuix will work whether the body is able to clot blood on its own or not. OPPOSITES ATTRACT! The chitosan fibers in AllaQuix have a positive charge. Red blood cells have a negative charge. Once the AllaQuix pad is on the wound, the chitosan fibers in AllaQuix attract red blood cells. When the red blood cells bind to the AllaQuix pad, a seal over the wound is created to stop bleeding.

SAFETY There are no known contraindications, so AllaQuix can be used by everyone. AllaQuix can be used for all ages. AllaQuix is made from chitosan, which is derived from shellfish. Individuals with known shellfish allergies should use caution in the use of any product containing chitosan. There have been no known allergic reactions or adverse events reported as a result of using AllaQuix hemostatic pads since distribution began.