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AllaQuix® - Stop Bleeding Quick Like the Pros!

Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit (Basic)

Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit (Basic)

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Introducing the Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit - Basic! This comprehensive kit is designed to help you quickly and effectively stop nosebleeds, so you can get back to your day without any interruptions.

With this kit, you'll receive everything you need to take care of a nosebleed:

  • One 2 by 2 inch large AllaQuix High Performance Stop Bleeding Gauze: This gauze is made with medical-grade chitosan, a proven hemostatic agent that quickly stops bleeding. High Performance has been reviewed and cleared by the FDA for OTC (over-the-counter) use in the management of minor cuts, minor scalds and first-degree burns, abrasions, and lacerations.
  • Two 2 by 2 inch AllaQuix Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze: These gauze pads are an economical option for stopping bleeding. AllaQuix Lite is made from calcium alginate – an extremely absorptive substance – that speeds healing and controls bleeding.
  • Two 3 by 3 inch sterile gauze pads: These pads are sterile and absorbent and can help with cleaning the mess created by a nosebleed.
  • One triple antibiotic ointment: This ointment helps prevent infection and promotes healing. It helps create a moist environment which can be beneficial in preventing nosebleeds.
  • Two cleansing wipes: These wipes are designed to clean and disinfect the area around the nosebleed. These moist wipes can also help with the clean up of the mess.

The Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit - Basic is perfect for anyone who experiences nosebleeds on a regular basis. It's also a great addition to any first aid kit, so you'll always be prepared in case of an emergency.

The key features of this kit include:

  • Comprehensive kit: This kit includes everything you need to take care of a nosebleed, so you won't have to go searching for supplies.
  • Safe and sterile: All of the items in the kit are sterile, ensuring that you can use them safely and hygienically.
  • Compact and portable: The kit is small enough to take with you wherever you go, so you can always be prepared.
  • Carabiner clip: Super handy to attach the kit to gym bags, backpacks, purses, and more!

In addition to these features, the Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit - Basic offers several benefits:

  • Saves time: With this kit, you can quickly and effectively stop nosebleeds, allowing you to get back to your day without any interruptions.
  • Saves money: Instead of having to go to the doctor or urgent care to treat a nosebleed, you can use this kit at home, saving you money on medical bills.
  • Peace of mind: By having this kit on hand, you can feel confident that you're prepared for any nosebleed that comes your way.

The Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit - Basic is affordably priced at $12, making it a great value for anyone who experiences nosebleeds.


PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USING. This information does not replace the advice and instructions of a healthcare professional. When in doubt, seek the advice a medical professional. AllaQuix is not for medical emergencies, serious wounds, or persistent bleeding – seek immediate professional medical help. Does not replace stitches – seek medical attention if stitches are needed. Do not use on visibly infected wounds – seek medical attention.
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