Major Wound Care Kit
Major Wound Care Kit

Major Wound Care Kit

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  • ESSENTIAL FIRST AID COMPONENTS: Contains the essentials to take care of major skin wounds: AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Gauze - Combine ABD Pad - Emergency Pressure Dressing - Petrolatum dressing - Trauma pad / combine pad (4”x8”) - Emergency Rescue Blanket - Triangular Bandage / Sling - XL Adhesive bandages (5) - Cleansing wipes (6) - Gauze pads (4”x4”) (10) - Rolled conforming gauze (2 rolls) – Non-Latex Gloves (2 pairs) - Scissors - First aid tape
  • ALWAYS HAVE ON HAND: Each kit is under $20 - This gives you a cheap and easy way to get enough kits to put them everywhere you need them
  • COMPACT + CONVENIENT: Can be used as a first aid kit by itself - Comes in a lightweight pack in a reusable, clear, zip top bag for easy carry and easy access - Small enough to be stored anywhere
  • IDEAL FOR REFILL FOR KIT OR CABINET: Can be used a simple and convenient way to restock first aid kits or workplace / industrial / OSHA first aid cabinets
  • ADD ON MINOR WOUND CARE KIT: Get a complete solution for caring for wounds when combining this Major Wound Care Kit with the Minor Wound Care Kit

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