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PSA Ops Gear

Scout First-Aid Kit - Build-Your-Own Kit Bundle

Scout First-Aid Kit - Build-Your-Own Kit Bundle

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Build-Your-Own Personal First-Aid Kits

Contains All Required Supplies to Make Personal First-Aid Kits

Buy a 1-pack with the supplies to make one kit, or

Buy a 6-pack to build 6 kits

  • Conforms to "Personal First-Aid Kit requirements listed on page 127 of the BSA 12th Edition Handbook
Great Group Activity
for Boy Scout troops, Cub Scout and Webelos packs and dens
  • Save Time and Hassle • Make your own fully compliant first-aid kit easily for less than $10 per kit • Contains everything required, including 3”x6” piece of moleskin (which is hard to find - we have it custom made)
  • Every scout is required to have a personal first aid kit (individual first aid kit - IFAK)

    We have personally experienced how difficult it is to find a kit that fulfills BSA requirements. In response, we have designed a unique and tailor-made supply "build-your-own" bundle that contains all first-aid supplies to fit the Boys Scouts of America’s requirements.

    This supply bundle contains enough supplies to assemble fully-compliant Personal First-Aid Kits (individual first aid kits or IFAK)

    The PSA Ops Gear Scout First-Aid Supply Bundle is designed specifically to comply with the Boy Scouts of America’s first-aid requirements (according to Personal First-Aid Kit requirements listed on page 127 of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) 12th Edition Handbook)



    With its comprehensive contents, quickly deal with any challenge you may confront:

    • 6 - adhesive bandages

    • 2 - 3-by-3-inch sterile gauze pads

    • 1 - small roll of adhesive tape

    • 1 - 3-by-6-inch piece of moleskin

    • 1 - bar of soap

    • 1 - small tube of antibiotic ointment

    • 1 - pair of scissors

    • 1 - pair of disposable gloves

    • 1 - CPR breathing barrier

    • 1 - Pencil and paper

    • 1 - Zip-top plastic bag to store supplies (lightweight, weather-resistant, reusable, and see-through)

    PLUS, includes several FREE BONUS items such as:

    • 1 - Roll of PSA Ops Gear Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap
    • 1 - Emergency rescue blanket
    • 1 - Triangular bandage / sling
    • 1 - Whistle
    • 1 - Tweezers



    PSA Ops Gear Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap

    The Best Way to Hold Anything on the Body • works like tape, but sticks only to itself • does not stick to skin, hair, or clothing • no need for tape, pins, or clips. The Wrap can be instead of tape or adhesive bandages -- it can also be used as a compression wrap to provide support or help reduce swelling. It is Ideal for active Scouts as the Wrap stays in place, with no need for frequent readjustment. It is comfortable, gentle, and easy to remove painlessly.



    Legal Disclaimer
    For medical emergencies, seek professional help. Read all instructions and cautions included in the package.


    This product nor the manufacturer is neither related to nor endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America. This product is not manufactured or distributed by Boy Scouts of America.

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