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Emergency Shelter Tent (Twin Pack - Set of 2)

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 Mylar Tube Tent for Survival + Paracord

Each Tent Fits 2 Adults


BE PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES! This emergency shelter has what you need to help you when you get stuck.


A MUST FOR ALL BUG OUT BAGS: Protect Your Self and Your Loved Ones by having one of these kits in all of your Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, Earthquake Kits, 72 Hour Kits


SUPERIOR DESIGN AND MATERIALS: Lightweight and Tough - Mylar reflects body heat back in the the tent in cold weather and reflects sunlight away in hot weather • Comes with military grade paracord for suspension


A PERFECT SURVIVAL COMPANION: Combine this with the PSA Ops Gear Vehicle Emergency Survival Safety Kit - Everyday Carry Kit (EDC) with First Aid Kit


FOR EMERGENCY USE: This shelter is for emergency situations and does not replace your camping tent