Advazorb Silfix Wound Dressings
Advazorb Silfix Wound Dressings
Advazorb Silfix Wound Dressings
Advazorb Silfix Wound Dressings


Advazorb Silfix Wound Dressings

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Advazorb Silfix Wound Dressing - hydrophillic foam dressing with soft silicone wound contact layer

About the product

  • One of the best combinations of effectiveness and comfort available
  • A soft and comfortable wound dressing - Excellent fluid handling properties
  • Breathable film backing designed for low friction to create maximum comfort
  • Ideal under compression bandaging
  • Bacteria proof backing for effective wound treatment

Product description

Eclypse Adherent is a super absorbent dressing with a soft silicone contact layer. The soft silicone layer provides convenient gentle adherence and will reduce pain and tissue damage on removal.

The dressing has a rapid wicking face combined with the highly absorbent moisture locking system. The absorbent layer provides a large capacity with rapid fluid uptake forming a gel on contact with exudate. The backing is a water resistant barrier film to prevent strike-through with a high moisture vapor transfer rate prolonging wear ability.


Moderate to heavily exuding wounds including: Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, sloughy or granulating wounds, post operative sutured or dehisced wounds, fungating wounds, donor sites and patients with fragile skin.


Do not use Eclypse Adherent on arterial bleeds and heavily bleeding wounds. Do not cut Eclypse Adherent or use if allergic to silicone.