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PSA Ops Gear

Combat Emergency Bandage + AllaQuix®

Combat Emergency Bandage + AllaQuix®

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Combat Emergency Bandage (compare to Israeli Bandage) + AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze

  • CONTAINS: Combat Bandage + AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze (Large 2" x 2") • Trauma Pad (4" x 8")
  • STOP THE BLEED with Hemorrhage Control Compression Bandage + Hemostatic Gauze
  • STOP BLEEDING QUICK LIKE THE PROS! AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze • FDA Reviewed and Cleared • No Prescription Needed • For Everyone and All Ages including people who have trouble stopping bleeding • Ideal for people on blood thinners • Professional-Grade Product • Used by Surgeons and Hemophilia Treatment Centers
  • IDEAL SOLUTION for emergency pre-hospital emergency situations until professional help is available
  • ESSENTIAL COMPONENT for all Stop the Bleed kits, IFAKS, active shooter, and hemorrhage control kitsEverything You Need to Care for Your Injuries Like the Pros



Use the AllaQuix® Hemostatic Stop Bleeding Gauze Pads to stop bleeding quick. AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze is a patented, high-tech gauze pad made of chitosan, which has been used and proven by medical professionals (surgeons, hospitals, and hemophilia treatment centers) and the US Military to stop bleeding quick. Stop Bleeding Gauze is designed to work for all people to stopping bleeding, even people with bleeding and clotting disorders, and people on blood thinners! It works independent of the clotting cascade - which means it will work whether the body is able to clot blood on its own or not.



In addition to AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze, this IFAK contains an emergency combat bandage (compare to Israeli Bandage).  This bandage is designed to be used to stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds from traumatic injuries.  The PSA Ops Gear Emergency Combat Bandage can be used in pre-hospital emergency situations until professional help is available.  Combine this with the AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze for an effective way to stop the bleeding.

Emergency Bandages similar to these have been used by U.S. Special Forces for hemorrhage control in combat situations.



The PSA Ops Gear Emergency Combat Bandage is designed for quick and easy use. It is an all-in-one bleeding control device.  The sterile, non-adherent pad attached to the elastic bandage allows you to apply pressure to any site  The bandage can be easily wrapped and secured with the pressure and closure bar to provide a tourniquet-like application to stop bleeding.



The PSA Ops Gear Emergency Combat Bandage can be used by medical professionals, tactical personnel, and everyday people.  Even the injured can use it on themselves - even it only with one hand - since it is so easy to use.



The PSA Ops Gear Emergency Combat Bandage is a necessity in a bleeding emergency - and can save time and may even lives by controlling bleeding until professional help is available.


Combine this with the AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze for an effective way to stop the bleeding.


PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USING. This information does not replace the advice and instructions of a healthcare professional. When in doubt, seek the advice a medical professional. AllaQuix is not for medical emergencies, serious wounds, or persistent bleeding – seek immediate professional medical help.  Does not replace stitches – seek medical attention if stitches are needed. Do not use on visibly infected wounds – seek medical attention.

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