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Pet First-Aid Kit (Deluxe)

Pet First-Aid Kit (Deluxe)

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SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR PETS: Pets have special needs that require a special first-aid kit. This medical kit includes many items that can be used on both humans and dogs.

FOR WHEN YOU ARE ON THE GO: Convenient, handy carrying case that clips right onto the leash or pet carrier to keep your supplies with you when you need them and it is COMPACT + LIGHTWEIGHT so it is easy to carry

NOT JUST PETS BUT FOR YOU TOO: When you and your pet are on the go, protect and care for both of you – SUPPLIES FOR YOU TOO including moleskin for blisters, plus more

ALL THE ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS: Be prepared for situations with your pet with all of the bandages, gauze, tape, and wraps you will need PLUS some great extras like tweezers for splinters, pet waste bags, emergency whistle, and more

PLUS PROFESSIONAL-GRADE MEDICAL PRODUCTS: Not only do you get the basic first-aid supplies, but also cohesive elastic bandage (self-stick wrap – perfect for pets since the wrap sticks to itself rather than fur) and AllaQuix High Performance Stop Bleeding Gauze

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