AllaQuix Basic - Non-Woven Gauze Island Dressing

AllaQuix Basic Adhesive Island Wound Dressings

Perfect for light or moderate draining wounds

Each Island Dressing has a super absorbent pad, surrounded by a 1" Thick Adhesive Border - Designed with Flexible Materials

  1. • The non-adherent pad is soft and comfortable to keep it from irritating wounds and surrounding skin
  2. • These medical-grade wound dressings are affordable and available without a prescription!

How it Works:

AllaQuix Basic Wound Dressings have a high-density absorbent pad to collect excess fluids, exudates, and blood from the wound. These Island Dressings are latex-free and wrapped individually to keep them sterile.

These pads are ideal for
• Cuts & Lacerations,
• IV Catheter Sites,
• Incision Sites,
• Light/Moderate Draining Wounds.


AllaQuix Basic Island Dressing Bandage