AllaQuix ® Basic Non-Woven Gauze Bordered Island Dressing – Advanced Wound Care

Get the best in wound care with AllaQuix ® Basic Island Dressings. These medical-grade adhesive gauze pads are designed to provide both comfort and effective wound care, all without a prescription.

Maximum Comfort & Protection

Are you in search of a high-quality wound dressing that offers maximum comfort and protection?

Look no further than AllaQuix® Basic Non-Woven Gauze Bordered Island Dressings!

These 4x4 adhesive gauze pads provide an optimal barrier against contaminants. Whether you need a 4x8 wound dressing or 4x14 gauze pads, AllaQuix® has got you covered. Sterile and latex-free, these all-purpose pads are perfect for all types of wounds, from simple cuts to post-surgical care. Choose AllaQuix® for a breathable, flexible, and heavyweight solution to your wound care needs.

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Key Features

Advanced Wound Care: Experience a combination of economical, professional-grade, and comfortable wound dressing with AllaQuix®. No prescription needed!

Island Dressing with Adhesive Border: Our gauze pads are uniquely designed with a “sea” of adhesive surrounding an “island” of absorbent pad. This ensures a snug fit, with ample space for absorption. Choose from three sizes based on your needs:

  • 4” x 4” overall size = 2” x 2” absorbent gauze pad
  • 4” x 8” overall size = 2” x 6” absorbent gauze pad
  • 4” x 14” overall size = 2” x 12” absorbent gauze pad

Comfort & Protection: Our non-adherent pads are gentle on your wounds, effectively collecting excess fluids. The soft, cushioned design ensures protection and accelerates healing.

Versatility in Application: AllaQuix® Dressings are perfect for various wounds, from cuts and lacerations to IV catheter sites. They can also secure and cover devices and other wound dressings.

Breathable & Flexible Design: Crafted to offer ease of movement, our dressings are soft, flexible, and comfortable. They are sterile and latex-free, making them suitable for everyone.

Important Note: These dressings come with a 1” adhesive border around the entire dressing. As such, the actual size of the absorbent pad is smaller by 1” on all four sides. Refer to the product images for clear dimensions.

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Why Choose AllaQuix®?

Your health and safety shouldn't be compromised. While other wraps may be uncertain in their origins, AllaQuix® offers a guarantee of sterility and safety, especially when used near wounds, cuts, or broken skin. Even if it's a tad more expensive, the peace of mind you receive is priceless.

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AllaQuix Basic Island Dressing Bandage