AllaQuix Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze: Calcium Alginate Hemostat

AllaQuix Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze

AllaQuix® Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze™:

The New Generation of Wound Care

For those moments when typical adhesive bandages just don’t cut it, turn to AllaQuix® Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze™.

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Upgrade your first aid with AllaQuix® Lite – the gauze pads for hemostatic effects.

Whether you’re searching for medical gauze, calcium alginate wound dressing, or a quick clotting bandage, AllaQuix® Lite is your go-to.

From minor scrapes to lacerations, these sterile gauze pads and bandages offer the potential for swift, effective bleeding control, making them an essential for every emergency kit.

Choose AllaQuix® Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze™ - where first aid gauze meets advanced blood clotting technology.

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Key Features

REVOLUTIONARY BANDAGE STYLE: Introducing 2” gauze with an adhesive bandage on all four sides. The bandage is available, along with 2 sizes of non-adhesive gauze pads (both 2” and 4”)

FAST ACTING: Stops bleeding quicker than traditional bandages.

ECONOMICAL AND EFFICIENT: Offers a cost-effective solution for minor wounds without compromising on quality.

HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Made of calcium alginate, it swiftly soaks up blood, forming a protective gel.

VERSATILE: Suitable for everyone across all age groups. Especially beneficial for those on blood thinners and individuals with thin skin.

USER-FRIENDLY: No discomfort or stinging, and flexible enough for any wound shape. Can be used with compression bandages like AllaQuix ® Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap.

Why Choose AllaQuix® Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze?

Experience an innovative way to handle minor cuts, scrapes, and lacerations with AllaQuix® Lite.

Unlike regular gauze pads, it actively assists in controlling bleeding, thanks to its 100% medical-grade calcium alginate composition.

This ultra-absorbent substance can hold up to 20 times its own weight, turning into a protective gel layer over wounds, promoting optimal healing conditions.

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AllaQuix® Lite: A starting point when you need something more potent than just your regular gauze or adhesive bandage.

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How Does AllaQuix® Lite Work?

AllaQuix® Lite has a dual method of action, working in two ways for twice the power! AllaQuix® Lite harnesses the power of calcium alginate.

Upon contact with wound fluids and blood, the calcium ions begin to work immediately to accelerate clotting to stop the bleeding.

Second, it forms a moist gel that not only helps control bleeding, but also ensures a conducive environment for skin regeneration and rapid healing.

Plus, this gel prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound, ensuring painless removal.

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Prepare for life's unexpected moments. Upgrade your first aid game with AllaQuix® Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze™ – the next generation of wound care.