AllaQuix Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze: Calcium Alginate Hemostat

AllaQuix Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze

Made from Medical-Grade Calcium Alginate

Calcium Alginate has been used by Medical Professionals for years for wounds with moderate to heavy "exudate" or excretion of fluids.

  1. • AllaQuix Lite is made out of soft, flexible materials. The design results in no irritation, burning, or stinging before, during, or after use.
  2. • Great starting point when you need something more than normal gauze.

How it Works:

AllaQuix Lite Stop Bleeding Gauze is made from 100% Medical-Grade Alginate. Alginate Dressings are super absorbent, and can absorb 20 times their weight in exudate. AllaQuix Lite absorbs blood and forms a gel over the wound to control bleeding and help keep a moist environment for wound healing.


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