Introducing the Family of AllaQuix
Professional-Grade Wound Dressings

  • Are you looking for a better way to stop bleeding quick so you can get back to doing what you want to do?
  • Are regular adhesive bandages and gauze just not stopping the bleeding quick enough?
  • Do you need something more?

Upgrade your first aid to AllaQuix Professional-Grade Wound Dressings
The AllaQuix family of professional-grade wound dressings give you the same technology and quality used by medical professionals.
can Stop Bleeding Like the Pros!
  • Professional-Grade: Now Available for Everyone
  • Economical & Versatile
  • Comfort & Protection
Shop AllaQuix® Basic
  • Economical Option for Controlling Bleeding
  • Extremely Absorptive
  • When You Need Something More
Shop AllaQuix® Lite
  • Next Generation - Professional Grade Product
  • Designed to Work for Everyone
  • Made of Chitosan
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by AllaQuix®

  • Perfect for 1st & 2nd Degree Burns, Scalds, etc.
  • Cools the Wound
  • Post-Burn Protection
Shop Burnease
  • Latex-Free + Sterilized
  • Sticks ONLY to Itself
  • Breathable, Stretchy, + Lightweight
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  • A1 AllaQuix® High-Performance Stop Bleeding Gauze (XL 4" x 4")
    A1 AllaQuix® High-Performance Stop Bleeding Gauze (XL 4
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