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AllaQuix® - Stop Bleeding Quick Like the Pros!

AllaQuix Nose Bleed Stop Bleeding Gauze

AllaQuix Nose Bleed Stop Bleeding Gauze

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STOP BLEEDING QUICK! Tired of waiting for regular bandages, tissues, and gauze to work? AllaQuix Nose Bleed is designed to stop bleeding quickly and effectively.

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO STOP NOSEBLEEDS! Made from highly absorbent calcium alginate, AllaQuix Nose Bleed is incredibly absorbent. It forms a moist gel mass when saturated, providing optimal bleeding control.

FOR EVERYONE AND ALL AGES! Suitable for people of all ages, including people on blood thinners (anti-coagulants), with thin skin or are “bleeders”, and with bleeding or clotting disorders. Ideal for anyone who has trouble stopping bleeding.

GENTLE + COMFORTABLE + EASY TO USE! Soft, flexible, and comfortable. No burning or stinging sensations. Sterile and latex-free. Simply open the package and use.

MUST HAVE FOR ALL FIRST AID KITS! The perfect solution for stopping nosebleeds – saves time + provides peace of mind for any unexpected nosebleeds. IDEAL FOR: Athletes + Athletic Trainers | Schools + School Nurses | Cutmen | MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALLAQUIX NOSE BLEED WITH YOU WHEN NOSEBLEEDS HAPPEN

PEACE OF MIND! With AllaQuix Nose Bleed, you can handle nosebleeds swiftly, efficiently, and affordably, ensuring minimal disruptions to your daily life. Say goodbye to expensive medical bills and hello to peace of mind.

DUAL METHOD OF ACTION! AllaQuix Nose Bleed works in two ways for twice the power! AllaQuix Nose Bleed is made from calcium alginate. Calcium is a clotting factor and the ions begin to work immediately to accelerate clotting to stop the bleeding. The alginate is highly absorptive material capable of absorbing 20x its weight.


PLEASE READ FULL INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BEFORE USING. This information does not replace the advice and instructions of a healthcare professional. When in doubt, seek the advice a medical professional. AllaQuix is not for medical emergencies, serious wounds, or persistent bleeding – seek immediate professional medical help. Does not replace stitches – seek medical attention if stitches are needed. Do not use on visibly infected wounds – seek medical attention.

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