Testimonials – AllaQuix™ - Stop Bleeding Quick Like the Pros!


What Others Say About AllaQuix™ 

AllaQuix™, has turned blood stopping technology on its head. Listen to how AllaQuix™, has helped bleeders just like you:

“Anyone who does not have at least one of these pads is brain dead.  These are life savers, especially for people like us who live in the country and do a lot of outdoor activities.  We have them at all our locations and hope we never need them.  Thanks for a good product.”

Ann from Virginia


“Thank you.  AllaQuix is the only thing that works.  I have tried other blood stopping products.  My husband has had 5 surgeries on his leg due to plaque build up.  He also is very thin and we have a Siamese cat who loves him very much, but scratches him during the night.  This week she got him right on a vein on the top of his hand and the only thing that stopped it was my AllaQuix pad.”

Jeannine from New York

“Thank you for saving me a trip to the ER. I was cutting open a package and the knife slipped, deeply slicing the back of my thumb.  Immediately knowing that this wound likely needed stitches, I prepared to gauze my thumb and head to the ER.  However, next to the gauze was the AllaQuix patch and I figured I should try that first.

Needless to say, the patch worked extremely well!  Stopped the bleeding within minutes and after 24 hours my wound had closed enough to where I could just use bandaids.  You guys really have a great product.”

Derek from Minnesota

“I felt that it was only right to tell you a story.  I had a bone marrow test done at the U of MI hospital in an attempt to see if they could find any answer to the Factor 9 problem that I had developed.  They did the usual very small incision. Well here we are more than 6 weeks later and I start bleeding from the incision while having a chemo infusion.  We had tried so many things that it was to the point that they were talking about doing a surgical closure of the opening.  Well the doctor decided to try AllaQuix and several more injections as a last try.  The doctor has not even seen it yet but when I removed the padding and your patch 4 days later, it was healed.   All that we had to put on it was a band aid.

With the new condition of being a hemophiliac I will now have to worry about having products such as yours available with me at all times in case I have a bleed.”

Ron from Michigan

“We are using AllaQuix on wounds on patients on blood thinners.  They work great!  Much better than gel foam we used in the past.”

Dermatologist from Tennessee

“I have recommended AllaQuix to many of my patients with von Willebrand disease, primarily for epistaxis management.”

Nurse from North Carolina


“We used AllaQuix on someone with a superficial wound from a shave biopsy that was bleeding.  It was effective in stopping the bleeding.”

Dermatologist from Florida

“AllaQuix came in handy with turf abrasions.  They worked well.”

University Athletic Trainer from Ohio

“I cut my index finger badly trying to adjust a razor with the razor blade in it. Dumb mistake.  The next step if the AllaQuix pad didn't work was the doctor's office. But it did work in stopping the bleeding.”

William from Indiana

“An excellent bleeding control product. I experienced a deep cut on a flexible part of the finger, and it stopped the bleeding rapidly and kept it from reopening as I accomplished several tasks that required hand and finger movement. For someone on blood thinners, it is an important product.”

Michael from Minnesota

“My mom is on blood thinners and these will be life saving to her. We decided to get this as the powder really burns her skin.”

Claire from California

“Great product, would recommend to anyone that has issues with nose bleeds. Helped tremendously.”

Nanci from California

“The 1”x1” pads worked great on small skin tears.  The skin tears healed-up quickly and have less scarring.   Those patients were really impressed.”

Cardiac Rehab Nurse from Iowa

“Very happy.  Fits right in the S&R bag.  I feel pretty good having something I can depend on, right on my hip.  Doesn't weigh a much, but packs a punch.  Works well for glass in the foot. (10 minutes after I opened it.)  Stopped the bleeding of a somewhat intense cut.”

Dylan from Washington

“They are in all our bug-out bags and first aid kits!”

Sheryl from Arizona

“Just what this field medic needed as a back up to staunch profuse small wounds.”

William from Washington

“I am part of a not-so-young hiking group. This is an ideal product for all the cuts and scrapes that are endemic for people like us.”

Michael from Minnesota

“I'm always looking for products that help stop the bleeding.  Once AllaQuix was placed on the wound IT DID STOP THE BLEEDING (Yay).”

Ellen from Florida

“Yesterday while my brother was in our backyard, he fell and cut open his kneecap.  He has been on blood thinners for 14 years because of his heart condition.  After cleaning the cut I applied AllaQuix™ and the bleeding stopped immediately.  Thanks for the great product.”

Ken from Oklahoma

“AllaQuix is a truly innovative product!  Hemostatic gauze is great break-through for Coumadin patients and many other patients at risk of bleeding.  This could be a life-saver for patients with uncontrolled external bleeding.”

Coumadin Clinic Provider from Arizona

These are just a fraction of the people AllaQuix™ has helped. Whether medical professionals or regular Joes, AllaQuix™ is now available for everybody.

No other wound care product has the reputation of AllaQuix™ in the treatment of bleeding.