AllaQuix® BurnEase

Hydrogel Wound Dressing Pads

Experience advanced burn care with AllaQuix® BurnEase™ Hydrogel Wound Dressing Pads. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, these pads ensure optimal healing for burns, scalds, and minor wounds.

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Key Benefits:

Immediate Cooling: Feel instant relief upon application. The high water content of the moist burn pads cools the wound, providing pain relief for up to 6 hours.

Triple-Action Treatment: With AllaQuix® BurnEase™, you get the three essentials for burn care: cooling, moistening, and protection. By maintaining the wound's moisture, it creates the perfect environment for faster healing.

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Sterile & Safe: Each hydrogel wound dressing pad is sterile, minimizing infection risks, trauma, and further skin damage. It's non-adhesive nature ensures that it won't stick to the wound or surrounding skin.

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Versatile Use: Perfect for treating 1st and 2nd-degree burns, minor scalds, chronic wounds, skin donor sites, minor cuts, scrapes, and lacerations.

Perfect Combo Pack: Pair with AllaQuix® Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap for optimal results. This sterile wrap is gentle on the skin and only sticks to itself - ensuring zero irritation.

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Why Hydrogel Dressings?

Hydrogel dressings, like AllaQuix® BurnEase™ stand out in wound care for their cooling and hydrating properties.

They work by maintaining a moist environment which is essential for wound healing. The gel-like substance in the hydrogel wound dressing is designed to hold large amounts of water, offering continuous moisture to the wound and promoting cell growth and migration.

This method of wound care hydrogel has been backed by medical professionals and has been in use for years, proving its efficacy and safety.

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Ideal for Emergencies

Ideal for Emergencies: Every first aid kit and medicine cabinet should be equipped with AllaQuix® products.

They are easy to use, ensuring swift and effective treatment during emergencies.

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