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AllaQuix BurnEase Hydrogel Wound Dressing for Burns (XL 4in)

AllaQuix BurnEase Hydrogel Wound Dressing for Burns (XL 4in)

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IDEAL FOR MINOR BURNS + SCALDS: These sterile hydrogel burn dressings can be used for all types of minor burns and scalds, including OUTDOORS (campfire, sunburn), KITCHEN (open flame, scalding water and steam), and INDUSTRIAL (chemical, gas, and electrical)

COOLS THE WOUND: You can feel immediate soothing of the wound with AllaQuix BurnEase. The high water content of the moist burn pads helps to cool the wound immediately. This can help relieve the pain, and give pain relief that can last up to 6 hours.

COOL + MOISTEN + PROTECT: AllaQuix BurnEase provides all three components for optimal treatment of burns. These hydrogel wound dressing pads cool, moisten, and protect immediately. BurnEase provides needed moisture to the wound providing the optimal environment for the healing process. The burn dressing provides physical protection to the wound to help minimize infections, tauma, and skin damage. Plus this hydrogel dressing is non-adhesive so it will not stick to the wound or surrounding skin.

USE A STERILE WRAP TO HOLD IN PLACE: BurnEase is non-adhesive so try AllaQuix Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap as the ideal wrap to hold BurnEase in place. The wrap is individually wrapped and sterile – which is key for an open wound. Plus the wrap only sticks to itself, so it will not stick to the wound or surrounding skin. It is comfortable and will not cause irritation.

ALLAQUIX BURNEASE IS IDEAL FOR: 1st and 2nd Degree Burns and Minor Scalds- Chronic Wounds - Skin Donor Sites - Minor Cuts, Scrapes, and Lacerations

This information does not replace the advice and instructions of a healthcare professional. When in doubt, seek the advice a medical professional. This kit is ideal for minor cuts and scrapes and it is not for medical emergencies, serious wounds, or persistent bleeding – seek immediate professional medical help. Does not replace stitches – seek medical attention if stitches are needed. Do not use on visibly infected wounds – seek medical attention.

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