Inspiration Medical Technology

We bring professional-grade, cutting edge technology medical products to everyone

The Inspiration behind Inspiration Medical Technology

Society is focused on improving healthcare outcomes while managing costs. Increasingly, the health care consumer is taking on more of the responsibility and risk. There is a large gap in the system: people are expected to play a greater part in their healthcare, but consumers lack the right information and products. The consumer is not prepared for consumer-centered health care. T

This is why we started Inspiration Medical Technology. We Believe Everyone Deserves:

  • Clear insights to their health to make better decisions
  • Direct access to affordable, professional-grade medical products to manage their health better

Inspiration Medical Technology helps you

Take Charge of Your Health

by providing

Clear and unbiased medical information

Professional-grade, cutting edge medical products

People deserve clear insights and direct access to affordable, professional-grade medical products. Inspiration Medical Technology helps people Take Charge of Their Health by providing Clear and unbiased medical information Professional-grade, cutting edge medical product

How We Do It

We continually look for innovative medical technologies and products that address a significant medical problem and provide a solution that is superior to what is currently available. IMT’s business model is to license proven medical technologies and market them directly to consumers. Most of our products will have FDA approval for over-the-counter (OTC) marketing. The products are coupled with consumer marketing programs that are designed to maximize the lifetime value of the customer. The missing key to the broad adoption of professional-grade medical products is education. Consumers need to understand why a professional medical product is right for them. We achieve consumer awareness through direct marketing and partnerships with institutions that have a vested interest in getting quality products and education to their constituents, rather than mass retail. Additional value for Inspiration Medical is realized by ownership of our customer database and brand recognition of our products. Our team has deep expertise in marketing healthcare products and structuring relationships. We leverage our expertise by partnering with leading experts to ensure the greatest impact on improving people’s health.

The Team

Patrick Donohue

Patrick is a co-founder of Inspiration Medical Technology. Patrick’s background is in corporate development, primarily for growing medical technology companies. He is a mentor for the Carlson School Growth Fund at the University of Minnesota and past programming chair and board member for the CFA Society of Minnesota. Patrick has served as a board observer and advisory board member for private companies. He received his undergraduate degree in Finance with honors from Creighton University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Patrick lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with his wife Anne and three children. He actively gives back to the community and past volunteer activities have included Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Catholic Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club and several charitable fundraising activities. Patrick can be reached at

Stephen Miller

Steve is a co-founder of Inspiration Medical Technology.  He brings to IMT over twenty years of marketing and sales experience, primarily in the life sciences. Steve has been a member of the marketing and sales leadership teams at a variety of health care companies, including Merck and CVS/Caremark.  His experience includes developing the consumer marketing strategy for one of the largest prescription brands and participating in one of the most successful product launches in pharmaceutical history.  In addition to his health care experience, he worked in marketing for Smucker’s, which developed his knowledge of the consumer packaged goods industry, including the retail and wholesale environment.  Over the course of his career, Steve has participated in over a dozen product launches and three business turnarounds. Steve has a MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  He currently lives in the Twin Cities with his family.  He has given back to the community over the years through charitable organizations such as Rotary Club, Big Brothers, Junior Achievement, and Compassion International. Steve can be reached at

James Hartman

Jim is the founding Chairman of Inspiration Medical Technology, to which he brings over four decades of corporate management and medical device experience. Jim is the retired Chairman of Enpath Medical, Inc., a medical device firm in the cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation, and interventional cardiology space.  Jim served as CEO and Chairman of Enpath for nearly ten years until its sale to Greatbatch Medical, a medical device firm that develops critical technologies that enhance the reliability and performance of medical devices and procedures.  Prior to joining Enpath Medical Inc., in 1991, Jim was Vice President, Finance for Viking Electric Supply Inc., a distributor of electrical supplies and tools based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. He has been a Director of WSI Industries Inc. and NVE Corp.  Jim holds an accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

Steve Charbonnet

Steve Charbonnet is a principal and co-founder of Soffer Charbonnet Law Group, PLLC. Steve practices in the areas of corporate finance, securities, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, general business transactions and general corporate counsel. Steve’s experience includes representing healthcare and medical device companies in a wide variety of corporate finance, licensing, joint venture, and strategic alliance transactions, as well as regulatory advice and counsel. Steve teaches Corporate Finance as an Adjunct Professor at William Mitchell College of Law and has also authored several articles and lectured on various business and finance issues. Prior to moving to Minneapolis, Steve practiced in the Silicon Valley office of an international law firm and the Los Angeles office of a public finance firm. Steve received his law degree from the UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) and his undergraduate degree from Stanford University. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons traveling, fishing, hiking and boating.

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[fullwidth_text alt_background="none" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] solutions One in three adults in the US are prone to “Nuisance Bleeding”. Their body is not able to clot blood in the normal 2-5 minutes. This is because they are on prescription blood thinners (anti-coagulants), they take daily aspirin for heart health, or they have a genetic bleeding or clotting disorder, such as hemophilia. This represents 80 million people in the US. In addition to these millions of adults that are prone to Nuisance Bleeding, there are millions of adults and children that need or want to stop bleeding quickly, because the bleeding interferes with what there current activities. allaquix WHAT IS ALLAQUIX™STOP BLEEDING GAUZE? AllaQuix™ is a patented, high-tech gauze pad used as first-aid to stop bleeding fast. allaquix 2 AllaQuix™ is made of chitosan, which has been used and proven by medical professionals and the US Military to stop bleeding fast. AllaQuix™ has been reviewed and cleared by FDA for OTC (over-the-counter) use in the management of minor topical bleeding wounds such as minor abrasions and minor skin lacerations. No prescription is needed. [/fullwidth_text] [vc_column_text pb_margin_bottom="no" pb_border_bottom="no" width="1/3" el_position="first"] icon01 For Everyone and All Ages AllaQuix™ is for children to seniors, and everyone in between. AllaQuix™ works for people who have trouble stopping bleeding. AllaQuix™ is ideal for people on blood thinners and people with thin skin [/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text pb_margin_bottom="no" pb_border_bottom="no" width="1/3"] icon02 Professional-Grade Product AllaQuix™ is used by Surgeons, Athletic Trainers, Trauma, Police, and Hemophilia Treatment Centers. Now AllaQuix™ is available to everyone. 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AllaQuix™ works independent of the clotting cascade – which means AllaQuix™ will work whether the body is able to clot blood on its own or not. chart OPPOSITES ATTRACT! The chitosan fibers in AllaQuix™ have a positive charge. Red blood cells have a negative charge. Once the AllaQuix™ pad is on the wound, the chitosan fibers in AllaQuix™ attract red blood cells. When the red blood cells bind to the AllaQuix™ pad, a seal over the wound is created to stop bleeding. WHAT DO PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ALLAQUIX™ “An excellent bleeding control product. I experienced a deep cut on a flexible part of the finger, and it stopped the bleeding rapidly and kept it from reopening as I accomplished several tasks that required hand and finger movement. For someone on blood thinners, it is an important product.” - Michael from Minnesota “My mom is on blood thinners and these will be life saving to her. We decided to get this as the powder really burns her skin.” - Claire from California “Great product, would recommend to anyone that has issues with nose bleeds. Helped tremendously.” - Nanci from California “Thank you for saving me a trip to the ER. I was cutting open a package and the knife slipped, deeply slicing the back of my thumb. Immediately knowing that this wound likely needed stitches, I prepared to gauze my thumb and head to the ER. However, next to the gauze was the AllaQuix patch you gave me and I figured I should try that first. Needless to say, the patch worked extremely well! Stopped the bleeding within minutes and after 24 hours my wound had closed enough to where I could just use bandaids. You guys really have a great product.” - Derek from Minnesota “I felt that it was only right to tell you a story. I had a bone marrow test done at the U of MI hospital in an attempt to see if they could find any answer to the Factor 9 problem that I had developed. They did the usual very small incision. Well here we are more than 6 weeks later and I start bleeding from the incision while having a chemo infusion. We had tried so many things that it was to the point that they were talking about doing a surgical closure of the opening. Well the doctor decided to try AllaQuix and several more injections as a last try. The doctor has not even seen it yet but when I removed the padding and your patch 4 days later, it was healed. All that we had to put on it was a band aid. With the new condition of being a hemophiliac I will now have to worry about having products such as yours available with me at all times in case I have a bleed.” - Ron from Michigan “We are using AllaQuix on wounds on patients on blood thinners. They work great! Much better than gel foam we used in the past.” - Dermatologist from Tennessee “I have recommended AllaQuix to many of my patients with von Willebrand disease, primarily for epistaxis management.” - Nurse from North Carolina “We used AllaQuix on someone with a superficial wound from a shave biopsy that was bleeding. It was effective in stopping the bleeding.” - Dermatologist from Florida “AllaQuix came in handy with turf abrasions. They worked well.” - University Athletic Trainer from Ohio “I cut my index finger badly trying to adjust a razor with the razor blade in it. Dumb mistake. The next step if the AllaQuix pad didn’t work was the doctor’s office. But it did work in stopping the bleeding.” - William from Indiana “I am part of a not-so-young hiking group. This is an ideal product for all the cuts and scrapes that are endemic for people like us.” - Michael from Minnesota [/fullwidth_text]