A Sterile Z-Fold Clotting Gauze Bandage (3 in. x 12 feet)

AllaQuix® Advanced Kaolin Hemostatic Bandage

Introducing AllaQuix Advanced

Welcome to AllaQuix® Advanced, where bleeding stops quickly and efficiently. Our Kaolin Z-Fold Bandage is designed with cutting-edge technology that rivals even the U.S. Military's standards. With the power of kaolin, this bandage accelerates your body's natural clotting process by activating fibers in the blood plasma, making them sticky and efficiently trapping platelets. In critical situations where every second counts, trust in AllaQuix® Advanced to ensure rapid control of bleeding, just like the pros do.

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The Power of Kaolin:

Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral that has been harnessed for its remarkable clotting properties.

When applied to bleeding wounds, kaolin activates the blood plasma's fibers, transforming them into a sticky matrix that captures platelets.

This process jumpstarts the body's natural clotting process, effectively stopping bleeding in its tracks.

This innovative technology, used by the U.S. Military, ensures that AllaQuix® Advanced Kaolin Z-Fold Bandage works swiftly and reliably.

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Trusted and Proven:

Our bandage is made of a similar material that has undergone rigorous testing in combat situations, earning the trust of the U.S. Military and first responders. Kaolin clots blood quickly, saving precious time in critical scenarios.

When you choose AllaQuix® Advanced, you choose the proven technology of kaolin that stands up to the most demanding situations.

Non-Allergenic and Safe:

Safety is paramount. AllaQuix® Advance Kaolin Z-Fold Bandage is non-allergenic and inert, making it safe for use on various types of bleeding wounds.

You can trust it for temporary external use on superficial wounds, minor cuts, and abrasions.

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Compact and Convenient:

Each package includes a sterile Z-fold bandage that's compact and easily fits into any trauma kit.
Whether you're assembling a first aid kit, suture kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, EDC pouch, or survival kit, this bandage is your portable solution. Be prepared for emergencies wherever you go.

Adventure with Confidence:

When you're on the move, having reliable first aid supplies is essential. Our Kaolin Z-Fold Bandage is an
ideal addition to your Car First Aid Kit, Bug Out Bag, Camping Essentials, Range Bag, or Backpack Emergency Kit.

It provides peace of mind and safety during your adventures, ensuring you're prepared for any unexpected bleeding situation.

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Choose AllaQuix Advanced:

Don't compromise when it comes to your well-being. Choose AllaQuix® Advanced Kaolin Z-Fold Bandage and experience the power of kaolin technology. Whether you're on blood thinners, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who values safety, this bandage is a must-have addition to your emergency supplies.

Stop Bleeding Quick Like The Pros™ with AllaQuix® Advanced.

A Sterile Z-Fold Clotting Gauze Bandage (3 in. x 12 feet)

AllaQuix® Advanced Kaolin Hemostatic Bandage