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You are a volunteer (or maybe you were "volun-told").  You are in charge of the first-aid kits for your association.  You want to take care of this as quickly as possible, but you want to do a good job and stay within your budget.

We get it!  We've been there!
We can help!

We offer two options for youth sports organizations:

Option #1: You can buy the number of first-aid kits you need and be done with it.  We offer two types of first-aid kits for youth sports teams: our Basic Kit and our Deluxe Kit. 

Option #2: We help you manage the first-aid kits and supplies to ensure that you always have the supplies you need on-hand (because you know you will run out of ice packs!).  We have three options: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.



Our standard kit is for the bargain shopper who is looking to have a quality kit at a low price.  It contains 101 items including the basic essentials plus a few extras (such as insect sting relief, antacid, cold pack, moleskin blister pad, triangular bandage - sling, CPR face mask) which are not usually found in most youth sports first-aid kits.

Our deluxe kit is what we think is really unique.  It has some premium items that really make a difference.  It includes everything that is in the standard kit, and for a few dollars more, it has professional-grade medical and sport medicine products that other kits are lacking.

AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Gauze

The kit exclusively contains our advanced wound care gauze pad.  AllaQuix is FDA cleared for use by non-medical professionals for management of minor topical bleeding wounds such as minor abrasions and minor skin lacerations.  AllaQuix Stop Bleeding Gauze is made of medical-grade chitosan.  Chitosan hemostats have been used by the U.S. Military to stop bleeding on the battlefield.  AllaQuix is designed to work for all people who have trouble stopping bleeding, even people with bleeding and clotting disorders, and people on blood thinners.

ExL Performance Self-Stick Wrap

The Best Way to Hold Anything on the Body • works like tape, but sticks only to itself • does not stick to skin, hair, or clothing • no need for tape, pins, or clips.  The Wrap can be used instead of tape or adhesive bandages -- it can also be used as a compression wrap to provide support or help reduce swelling.  It is ideal for youth athletes as the Wrap stays in place, with no need for frequent readjustment.  It is comfortable, gentle, and easy to remove painlessly.

ExL Performance Kinesiology Tape

Get the Performance You Want without the uncomfortable, bulky braces with ExL Kinesiology Tape to support your muscles and joints, and provide pain relief.  Replicates the human skin, with a stretch capability of up to 170% similar to human skin, and a similar weight and thickness • Stretches in two directions • Ultra-Durable and Extra Strong, but Easy to cut • Ultra-Lightweight and Comfortable to wear • Not made with natural rubber latex and hypoallergenic



Gold Service

  • Fully customized kits to have on hand more of what you really need!
  • Price: $55 per kit per season (up to 6 months)
  • Provide additional upsells - eg Add $15 for a wet bag - completely waterproof.
  • IMT Gold Guarantee to have everything you need for the entire season. Unlimited refills per kit purchased. Offer to ship directly to whoever is in control of the kit (vs. just the original buyer - like an equipment manager)
  • Return kits at end of season


Silver Service

  • Larger kit with more sunscreen, ice packs, pressure wrap and
  • Price: $35 per kit per season (up to 6 months)
  • 3 item refill per kit purchased
  • Return kits at end of season


Bronze Service

  • A standard first aid kit with an ice pack and pressure wrap
  • Price: $25 per kit per season (up to 6 months)
  • 1 refill order per season of upto 1 item per kit subscription
  • Return kits at end of season (free - we pay for the shipping)

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