For Everyone

AllaQuix is for children to seniors, and everyone in between. AllaQuix works for people who have trouble stopping bleeding. Ideal for those with thin skin.

Pro-Grade Product

AllaQuix is used by Surgeons, Athletic Trainers, Trauma, Police, Hemophilia Treatment Centers, and more. Now AllaQuix is available to everyone.

Easy To Use

Simply tear open the package and place the AllaQuix Stop Bleeding pad on the wound. There is no mess. AllaQuix does not burn or sting.

First-Aid Essential

AllaQuix is an essential and necessary part of every first-aid kit and emergency trauma kit. Be prepared to stop bleeding with AllaQuix.

Be Confident

Don't let bleeding stand in the way of doing what you want to do. Be confident you have the Quickest Way to Stop Beeding. Know you have an effective way to stop bleeding.

Be Prepared

The AllaQuix On-Demand Stop Bleeding Quick Kit is easy to take anywhere. It is ideal for woodworkers, hikers, golfers, campers, RVers, athletes, gardeners, and seniors.