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AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze is a professional-grade hemostat that is specifically designed to stop bleeding, even for people who normally have trouble stopping bleeding.



AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze has been reviewed and cleared by the FDA for OTC use in the management of minor cuts, minor scalds and first-degree burns, abrasion, and lacerations.



AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze uses the same medical technology used by hospitals, doctors, and the US military to stop bleeding quick.

 AllaQuix® is high-tech gauze made from medical-grade chitosan. Chitosan has been used and proven by medical professionals for the past 20+ years to stop bleeding fast.



AllaQuix® works independent of the clotting cascade - which means AllaQuix® will work whether the body is able to clot blood on its own or not.  That makes AllaQuix® ideal for people on blood thinners like Coumadin, warfarin, Eliquis, and Xarelto, for those who have thin skin or are “bleeders”, and for those who have bleeding or clotting disorders, like hemophilia or von Willebrand’s disease.

The chitosan fibers in AllaQuix® have a positive charge. Red blood cells have a negative charge. Once the AllaQuix® gauze is on the wound, the chitosan fibers in AllaQuix® attract red blood cells. It’s almost like a magnet to get the red blood cells to bind to the AllaQuix® gauze and form a seal over the wound to stop bleeding.



AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze is easy to use -- simply open the pouch and apply the gauze pad to the wound. 

AllaQuix® is comfortable and does not cause irritation, burning or stinging.

AllaQuix® is soft and flexible, and can be easily cut or folded to fit the wound.

Each AllaQuix® is individually packaged and sterile.


AllaQuix® can save you time by stopping bleeding quick.
And it can save you the hassles of messy gauze, tissues, and powder.
AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze is designed to stop bleeding for all ages and for everyone -- even people who normally have trouble stopping bleeding
Whether you're on blood thinners,
are a bleeder,
have thin skin,
or just want to stop bleeding quick,
this is for you!
Give AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze a try and
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